Mobile Massage

There's no place like home.

At Jade Body we think getting a massage is good but getting a massage at home is better. Massages make people happy and we believe happy people make the world a better place. Taking a moment to relax brings balance to our lives which can help us perform at our best and get more done. When you book a massage at home you get all of the benefits of spending a day at the spa without having to travel. Our therapists love what they do and strive to perform effective treatments that heal and relax. Book a mobile massage today and discover how Jade Body can make your massage experience better.

Monday through Sunday 10:00am - 9:00pm (619) 839-9905

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Questions? Check out our FAQ.


Book an appointment and we’ll send a certified massage therapist to transform any space into your own private spa. Each session is customized to fit your unique needs. Pick a time that fits your schedule and work with a private therapist to create an experience built for you.

Each treatment comes with complimentary essential oil (EO) aromatherapy. See below for descriptions of each service, and our suggested EO pairings.

30 minutes - $5560 minutes - $8090 minutes - $120

Please note: additional fees may apply depending on location.

Deep Relaxation

Reach a meditative state with this circulatory massage. Swedish style long strokes with light to medium pressure. Drift away and relieve stress with this calming treatment.

Suggested EO Pairing:
Lavender, Clary Sage


Reflect and connect with this blend of circulatory and deep tissue. Focused attention on tight muscles and connective tissue coupled with gentle gliding strokes to emphasize relaxation. Work with a personal therapist to design your perfect massage.

Suggested EO Pairing:
Frankincense, Cypress


An invigorating massage aimed at getting your body in optimal condition before or after an event. Combines deep tissue and deep stretching to align the musculoskeletal system and improve elasticity. Perfect for daily athletes or weekend warriors.

Suggested EO Pairing:
Eucalyptus, Wintergreen

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I expect?

A therapist will arrive at your location and need about 15 minutes to set up. You will be asked to fill out a form regarding your medical history and your desired goals for the session. Expect to add an additional 20-30 minutes to any treatment time for set up and intake.

What should I wear?

While we suggest dressing comfortable, it is entirely up to you. Some clients enjoy hopping into their pajamas after a relaxing session, while others have treatments in between meetings and go right back to work, dressed for success.

Do I need to undress?

When your session begins the therapist will leave the room and ask that you derobe. Some clients undress completely while others choose to wear underwear or shorts. Choose whatever is most comfortable for you. Throughout your treatment only the area being worked on will be uncovered. We ask that you remove all jewelry to allow your practitioner optimal treatment conditions.

Anything I should do to prepare?

We’ve found that taking a warm shower prior to your session allows muscles to begin the relaxation process before the massage and therefore amplifies the benefits. It is not required but it does seem to boost the effects. We also suggest that you take a few minutes before and after to be calm and enjoy the treatment from start to finish.


Mon - Sun: 10am-9pm (619) 839-9905

If you are making an appointment request, please include as many details as possible about the desired date, time and location the massage will take place. We will get back to you as quickly as we can to confirm the exact time of your appointment.


Jade Body reserves the right to refuse services to potential clients for any reason.

Reservations A credit card is required in order to make a reservation, no charge will be made to the card until authorized or in the event of a no show.
Space Requirements Please have a space measuring 10×7 ft cleared in order for your therapist to set up and perform your quality treatment. We ask that you try to eliminate distractions by keeping the treatment room private – this includes children and pets.
Etiquette Any behavior perceived as inappropriate or sexual in any way will result in immediate termination of service and a full charge of the original requested service.
Gratuity Tips may be made in cash or on a credit card at the end of a treatment.
Cancellations Jade Body has a 24 hour cancellation policy. To avoid charges, please notify Jade Body if adjustments to your reservations are required.